Bite Me

I thought I should introduce you to the movie „Bite Me„, which had its world premiere on February 14th, on Valentine’s Day.

Bite Me“ is a romantic comedy

The movie is about Sarah and James.

Sarah has blue hair, a tattoo on her face, lives with her two best friends, Lily and Chrissy, together and is a vampire, like her friends.
The three are also members and founders of the church „The House of Twilight“ but then their church receives a letter from the IRS.

James is an IRS agent who is really good at it and could be promoted soon, but he actually hates his job.
His favorite book is „Ulysses“ by James Joyce (which ranks as the second hardest novel to read in English), his favorite TV show is „The Bachelor“, he has a stuffed robot named Mellowtron, a mom who keeps calling him all the time and a roommate named Faith, she is also his co-worker and is really religious.

So Sarah and James couldn’t be more different but when James sees Sarah for the first time, he is immediately fascinated by her, her tattoo, her blue hair, the fact that she sees herself as a vampire.
He uses his chance to get to know Sarah and the vampire subculture better, and invites her to dinner.

The two fall in love, but can it go well?

Aren’t the two too different, especially when their friends and family tells them so?

Not only James is advised to stay away from Sarah, be it from his mother or his co-worker and roommate Faith.
Sarah also receives these „warnings“, after all James is a „Mundane“, a not vampire, and will never be able to understand and accept them, Chrissy says.
Also James still has to decide whether „The House of Twilight“ can exist as a church or not. And then the vampires show up at James‘ work family picnic….
So how will it end? To find out, check out „Bite Me“!

The movie is so cute, also funny but also serious because it has a very important message!

Be different, be unique, be whatever you want!
And don’t judge about people!

You can watch „Bite Me“ on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple TV and iTunes.

Naomi McDougall Jones (Sarah)
Christian Coulson (James)
Naomi Grossman (Chrissy)
Mahira Kakkar (Lily)
Anni Golden (Faith)
Harald Surratt (Tim)
Antino Crowley-Kamenwati (Stacz)
Mia Romero (Regane)

Creative Team:
Meredith Edwards (Director)
Naomi McDougall Jones (Writer/Producer/Sarah)
Sarah Wharton (Producer)


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